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Le Trait d'Union Entre Les Haitiens


While the focus is on the sham elections, the US puppet president, Michel Martelly, illegally privatized Haiti borders – land, air and sea

In an interview a week before the announcement, on the Mark Thompson Make it Plain show with Bill Fletcher, Èzili Dantò gave the contextual framework for understanding the October 25th (s)elections in Haiti.

While the focus is on the sham elections, the US puppet president, Michel Martelly, illegally privatized Haiti borders – land, air and sea – to former Israeli military officers at HLSI. This author broke the story at the article titled, Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled, and presented the horror the disenfranchised Haitian people endure under US occupation and the .05% percent Syrian/Lebanese/Israeli/Lebanon population in Haiti that own the Haiti economy through US white privilege patronage. These white oligarchs make up less than 1% of the population in Haiti, but own 98% of the wealth through monopolies orchestrated and supported by foreign interests in Haiti.

Did Eva Peled‘s Mitrelli Group donation to the Clinton Foundation buy HLSI this $50million contract in Haiti? (See the signature line, here.) It seems Eva Peled’s Mitrelli Group partnered with Eytan M. Stibbe on a $24,800,000 deal to Clinton Global Initiative. (See also, Video: Who is the Mitrelli Group ; Mossad in Africa, ‘Aided by the CIA and American Trade Unions’.) What could the new mercenaries replacing the UN troops in Haiti look like? Get a glimpse of South African mercenaries turned “security firms” here, here and here. Haiti oligarch gangsters, drug traffickers and kidnappers buy their guns from the Israelis. The US Embassy and UN guns protect this wealthy cartel that gets their name – Gang Galil – from the high-powered Galil automatic rifles they carry.

Haiti signed a $50 million dollar “border surveillance” contract with former Israeli military. Where will that $50million to pay HLSI come from? Is it to be paid out of Haiti oil/mineral resources in the manner South African and other white mercenaries at EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES were paid with Sierra Leone diamonds to protect the Sierra Leone government that hired them, or in oil and diamonds in Angola? These white mercenaries are the international oil communities private army. Is Haiti’s oil, which is strategically denied by the US, ready to suddenly be “discovered” by the Christopher Columbus terrorists? Are the Israeli/Lebanese/Syrians/Jordanian mercenary families in Haiti bringing in their own private army with US/Clinton connivance?