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Tout Haiti, the "All Haiti" news outlet, offers a $1500 reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of the police who "killed" a young protestor with a crushing boot stomping like an insect on the ground

Some actions are so atrocious, they must not be allowed to go unpunished for the good of humanity. In an effort to shine the light on this "act of aggression," as characterized by the staff of Tout-Haiti, and with the support of other concerned citizens, Tout-Haiti has decided to offer a U.S. $1,500 reward for all pertinent information leading to the identification of this predatory policeman who, with a deadly kick of his heavy foot and the force of his well fed stomach left for dead a young, unarmed youth, who posed no threat to the police, his entourage or society. His only crime was to participate in a demonstration to express his political position against the regime of Martelly-Evens Paul Kplim.

Tout-Haiti will do everything legally possible, with the help of its supporters, to help bring to justice (national or international) this suspected criminal policemen and other police officers who were present during the alleged crime, but who, by their indifference, did not rescued this young man who was apparently left for dead - following the principle of Non-Assistance to persons in danger. The motto of the Haitian National Police (PNH) is supposed to be to "protect and serve." Not to protect only sycophants.

The policeman acted with total impunity - as if the young man was an insect he could crush under his heels without any regard for the human person. Fortunately, this action is now immortalized by a citizen journalist who videotaped the incident and now the responsibility is on Haitian society to exercise its responsibilities. It is often said that "there's no one accountable in Haiti." But the staff at Tout-Haiti knows there are those Haitians who do take responsibility. Tout-Haiti takes this responsibility to show that we do not accept the unacceptable and the dehumanization of the majority of the population.

We also want to have information on what the National Police (PNH) have done with the lifeless body of the young victim who lay on the ground after being trampled by the predator policeman.

See below the video of this abominable act.

Tout Haiti
New York
November 11, 2015
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