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Open letter to Luis Alberto Moremo regarding his support of the controversial and non-transparent Haitian government program “The Caravan”

 jovenel moise Louis alberto moreno

Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno
President of the Inter-American
Development Bank
1300 New York Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20577


November 27, 2017

Dear Mr. Moreno,

On behalf of The New England Human Rights Organization “NEHRO”,  an International Human Rights Organization, I am writing you this open missive to express our utmost disappointment in your support of the Haitian Government’s most controversial program named, ‘’ the Caravane.”  

Very sadly, in your remarks in Haiti on June 5, 2017, you congratulated the Haitian government for a work well done, which can be further from the truth!  The fact remains that the Haitian government doesn’t promote transparency and accountability in managing the country’s funds and resources, and corruption and various human rights continue to be rampant in various government institutions.  

Quite honestly, you should be reluctant to put your trust and fate in this Government for several reasons.  For instance, Mr. Norbert Stymphil, an education expert and director of one of your programs, Education for All,“ PT”, fled Haiti after his House was attacked by gang squad.   This only happened after he had a meeting with high ranking members of the Haitian government, asking him to resign, which he declined to do.  Few hours later, his house was gunned down.   Also, Mr. Saunel Jean-Francois, the former director of UCREF, “Central Unit of Financial Investigation”, who previously led an investigation on the current Jovenel Moise, for corruption and money laundry was unjustly fired. 

More recently, the Miami Herald has reported on November 15, 2017 that,“ a special Haitian Senate commission is accusing more than a dozen former government officials and heads of private firms of embezzling $2 billion in Venezuelan oil loans — money that could have helped the country rebuild after its devastating earthquake in 2010. An anti-corruption investigation concluded that charges should be filed against two former prime ministers, several ex-ministers and the owners of private firms on grounds they misappropriated and embezzled money that left post-quake Haiti with unfinished government buildings, poorly constructed housing and overpriced public works contracts.”  Regrettably, Mr. Jovenel Moise is more comfortable with people who have records of corruption such as his chief of staff, Mr. Wilson  Laleau, who previously served as Finance Minister in the Martelly/Lamothe administration and is currently accused of misappropriation of public funds by a Haitian Senate Commission.  

If you want to gain the confidence and trust of the people of Haiti, I urge you to support this Haitian Senate inquiry. Petro Caribe Monetary fund was a bi-literal contract between Venezuela and Haiti to have gas at low cost and interest to support programs which can develop the country and its people.  Instead, it has created more millionaires among corrupt government officials and their cronies.   

If Haiti is the poorest nation on earth, not because Haitians are lazy or do not love the country, but because of rampant government corruption and complacency by the international community, where their criminal actions are left unpunished.  It’s time to help fight this disease called corruption, which killed Haiti, the country previously known as the Pearl of the Antilles.  Mr. Moreno – please stand by the enquiry of the Haitian Senate, and the people of Haiti will appreciate it!

Best regards,

Josue Renaud, MS MED
President of the
New England Human Rights Organization,