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Who will the U.S. declare President of Haiti this time?

merten haiti-us- electionUS election scam in Haiti with Kenneth Merten and Pierre Louis Opont, same occupation fraud, five years later

Testing the public's ability to stomach more of the revolting Martelly, Haiti Electoral Council, president Pierre-Louis Opont announced, on November 5, 2015, that preliminary results show Martelly's handpicked subservient, Jovenel Moise in first place at 32.8%. Jude Célestin, a former protégé of president René Preval, garnered 25.2% for second place and is qualified with Martelly's stooge to go to the runoffs on December 27, 2015. Sen. Moise Jean-Charles, the most popular politician in Haiti today, is preliminary in third place with 14.2%. The Aristide candidate, Maryse Narcisse, came in fourth place with 7.05% percent.

antonio solo jovenel moise

An outraged Haiti public is clobbered again by the U.S. power given to the disgusting dictator, Michel Martelly. Stay tune as more Haitian blood spills so that the corporatocracy the US embassy whores around for, may abscond with Haiti lands, deep water ports and mining resources. But they’ll call it: “building Haiti back better;” “bringing jobs to Haiti;” or “bringing Haiti democracy!” The Haiti holocaust and Middle Passage, ramps up. The international Gang Galil tyrants mercilessly bum rush defenseless Haiti with total impunity. (See, The Haitian struggle – The greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out right now on planet earth and, US/Israeli-HLSI Plunder of Haiti: The Gold Pillage at Mona Bossa/Loma Miranda Mountains and The Coastal/Offshore Oil Excavations.)

History shows voting doesn’t make better the lives of the people of Haiti, but that of the politicians. As long as the Haitian people are denied the sovereign right to use their own lands and resources for local benefit and to choose their own accountable public servants, the country will remain dominated, dependent and impoverished. The US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns necessarily demands, at different levels and degrees, subservient conformist politicians who play by the rules set forth by the enemies of Haiti. Neocolonialism traps both the well-meaning and the corrupt politician. Both inevitably will conspire with Washington opportunists while battling one another to control the trickle down to enrich themselves and their cronies. (A Free Haiti solution is to change the rules, apply humane values and principles for a more just New World.)

 Source: Ezili Dantò