Tout Haiti

Le Trait d'Union Entre Les Haitiens


The three Haiti questions all Haitians and world citizens should have an answer for:

onu minustah tir a hauteur homme

1. QUESTION: What’s so important in Haiti that the US would built its fourth largest embassy in the world there, while funding a UN proxy occupation force for over 10-years now?

Haiti homicide rate is 6.9 per 100,000. But the Dominican Republic has FOUR times more violence than Haiti at 25.0 per 100,000. Haiti has the lowest prison population rate in the Caribbean and the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean. Why is the UN not bringing stability to the more violent DR? Or, in Brazil, Detroit, Washington DC, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas – all with greater violence than Haiti?

2. QUESTION: Why is there a UN, Chapter 7 shoot-to-kill “peace enforcement” mission in Haiti for over 11 years? A country not at war, without a peace agreement to enforce and with less violence than most countries in the Western Hemisphere? Why is there a UN Chapter 7 shoot-to kill “peace enforcement” mission in a country not at war and with the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean?

3. QUESTION: Haiti has trillions of dollars in natural resources – gold, oil, natural gas, iridium, copper, et al– why does Haiti need Obama/Bush/Clinton’s meager 41cent an hour sweatshop jobs or US charity (false aid) with so much of its own resources to develop the local economy?

Ezili Dantò