Tout Haiti

Le Trait d'Union Entre Les Haitiens


The prestigious Wall Street Journal has quoted Tout Haiti/


This is an amazing recognition of the work that Tout Haiti / has been doing on behalf of Haiti, and we congratulate Tout Haiti's staff for their good work, and dedication on bringing the truth to the world even in the face of insurmountable pressures to bow down. In a democratic societies it's vital to have free, robust and independent press to avoid the repetition of the horror of the pass regimes in Haiti.

Recently, Laurent Lamothe and his shady businessmen have filed suit against for defamation for publishing an article wrote by a former Martelly's Lawyer and adviser about the fact that the prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has been receiving kickbacks. (see here) ...

Once again, congratulation, Tout Haiti keep up the good fight by keeping the public abreast of the real news about what is going on in Haiti.

To see the Wall Street Journal's article click here: Bill, Hillary and the Haiti Debacle


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