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The Head of Laurent Lamothe on a Golden Platter


The Supreme Commander of “legal bandits” as Martelly is known has come face to face with a power that may prove to be too much for him. The power of the Haitian people. With the anti-Martelly movement growing by leaps and bounds each day, and an estimated 50,000 marching down Port-Au-Prince demanding his resignation, the Supreme Commander may not be able to survive the will of the people. However, in order to save what can be saved, Martelly must make hard choices and two of those choices are (1) the establishment of an inclusive government (2) the delivery of Laurent Lamothe’s head (recently renamed Laurent Gagot by its detractors) in a golden platter – (The FBI will be very happy). The question however is, will President Martelly muster the guts to say Goodbye to Laurent Gagot?

Despite millions of dollars spent by Lamothe to polish his image and present himself as the high Tech Haitian politician; Haitian citizens and the world know better, they cannot be easily fooled, and this could not be more apparent than the reception Lamothe and company received in California (See Tout Haiti article:Manifestation anti-Lamothe en Californie!) . Many protesters booed Lamothe and held signs stating that “Lamothe is not welcome in California” and “No to the establishment of a dictatorship regime in Haiti.” These protesters, rightfully so believe that Laurent Lamothe is a corrupt politician who engages in embezzlements, theft and other illegal activities in order to benefit himself and those close to him.

Laurent Lamothe the most corrupt Haitian politician in over a century

Laurent Lamothe has been characterized as the most corrupt Haitian politician in over a century and this characterization is based on his direct involvement in embezzlement, theft and the continuing systematic looting of state funds. Laurent Lamothe has issued over 600 million of no-bid contracts to friends and cronies from the Dominican Republic and other places around the world in exchange for illegal kickback of 30 % according to our sources.   Haitian law like in most of the developing world requires formal offer for bids for any contract exceeding one (1) million dollars, but under Lamothe this rule has been anathema.

A Few weeks ago, during a senate hearing Pierre Richard Casimir (Foreign Minister) confessed to the embezzlement under the direct order of Laurent Lamothe of some 3.4 million dollars, money donated to Haiti from the country of Uruguay; and this is in addition to Lamothe previous illegal activities in Senegal and other part of Africa, which the FBI is currently investigating.

In addition to the aforementioned acts by Lamothe, there are other illegal acts committed by Laurent Lamothe that merit prosecution by the Haitian Senate. One of such acts is his participation in arranging a meeting between President Martelly, Lamothe, and other Martelly advisors with Judge Jean Serge Joseph who later died in questionable circumstances. The judge was investigating criminal conspiracy and corruption charges against Haitian First lady Sophia Martelly, and first son Olivier Martelly.

The Haitian senate has held hearings and many witnesses have testified that the meeting did indeed take place and both president Martelly and Laurent Lamothe were there. However, Lamothe continues to deny that such meeting took place. Based on the evidence, the senate requested that the lower chamber of the parliament formally prosecute Lamothe for high crimes.

As if this was not enough, Lamothe as chief of the government ordered the arrest of Attorney André Michel who brought the corruption charges against the first lady and her son. Though the arrest warrant was later vacated, the question remains why was the warrant issued in the first place? This is clearly an abuse of power designed to silence the opponents of the regime.

It is beyond question that Martelly has made serious political miscalculations, and given the fact that Martelly is a novice politician, one may be willing to forgive some of his derives, however, Lamothe is unforgivable as the person who runs the day to day operation of the government.

Last week, those in Cap Haitian who were marching against the Martelly/Lamothe administration were faced with bloody repression and in response to the violence against the people; president Martelly called them “false democrats.” This statement added insult to injury and infuriated many in the opposition.

One of the two must go, in order to preserve stability

It is obvious that given the present circumstances, Haiti is ungovernable, and continued instability will most certainly threaten the interests of the dominant class and when such interests are threaten, something has to give. One of the two must go, in order to preserve stability and continuity, Lamothe must exist, and the sooner the better. President Michel Joseph Martelly must deliver the head of his friend/benefactor in a golden platter. That should be easy, as long as President Martelly remember that heads of state do not have friends.


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