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time-up-clock"A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends."

By Emmanuel Roy --- President Martelly is surrounded with "friends" who are causing more damages than any of his so called " enemies" could have ever done. Perhaps Mr. President, you should consider spending time with those who are brave enough to tell you the truth; and wise enough to know the difference between friends and enemies.

The opposition is scheduled to have a sit-ins before the American embassy on November. 29, 2013 calling for your departure. Perhaps it is time to consider making the hard decisions. The presidency is not a private business, it is the business of every single Haitian. Being president is not a right, it is privilege to serve your nation and leave a legacy that your children could be proud of.

There is stark difference between a politician and a statesman. A politician only sees what is politically, momentarily beneficial, expedient and convenient. A statesman sees the national benefit of a century. Politician dies, sometime of violent deaths. Statesmen live forever, not physically but in the memory of all those affected by their unselfish and selfless acts.

When I supported you, I believed you had in you despite what many may consider personal failings. You have risen above it all to achieve something and perhaps secured your place in history. Many before you have made the mistakes of invincibility, and megalomania. History judged them not for who they were but the actions they took. There is an opportunity, a window to set yourself apart from the herd. The world is watching and the decision is yours.

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