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Please help us fund the Shotokan Masters 4th Edition in Haiti - November 2014

shotokan master 4th edition dojodai

Dojodai, a Shotokan Karate school association founded in 2008 in Haiti, has been organizing Karate championships since 2010 and has become a leader in these events. Within 5 years, Dojodai has held 7 national tournaments in Haiti. Among those, in 2012, the very first interschool Karate championship ever to be held in the country.

The association emphasizes on providing Karate events for kids living in difficult socio-economic environments. In October 2013, Dojodai launched the "girls don't pay" initiative in all its activities, canceling the regular $2 (USD) registration fee. Afterwards, as early as 8 months later we were able to witness an increase of 20% in girl participation in our interschool Karate tournament held in May 2014.

This fall, we're looking for additional sponsors to complete the budget for the November 2014 national Shotokan Karate tournament. Thanks for your help!

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