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A blatant political murder in Haiti, only days after President Obama meets with Haitian President Michel Martelly

Haiti-insecurite-pistoletOmega Staff Writers

Yesterday, Feb. 8, 2014, a blatant and odious political murder of major significance took place in Haiti just two days after President Obama gracefully hosted Haitian President Michel Martelly at the White House. The main target and victim, Mr. Daniel Dorsinvil, a civil engineer, community organizer and well-known leader of the opposition to Prime Minister Lamothe's corrupt government, was the coordinator of a political movement known by its French acronym PODH, or Syndicate of Haitian Human Rights Organizations, itself a founding member of the Popular, Patriotic and Democratic Movement, a consortium of over 30 political organizations.

Mr. Daniel Dorsinvil was shot and killed by a single bullet to his heart at very close range, as he was strolling with his wife in his neighborhood in the Bois-Patate area of Haiti's capital city of Port-au-Prince. His spouse, Girldy Larêche Dorsinvil, was also shot five times and killed in cold blood, at the same unidentified killer.

Of course, this brazen murder is not a surprise for anyone familiar with Haiti's political culture and current environment. Haiti experts must see this assassination as the latest additional and convincing evidence that a new and bloody authoritarian regime is fast taking shape in Haiti. Insecurity is more intense than ever in Haiti today, and cannot be cured simply by the intoxicating government propaganda that claims the contrary. What is unsettling is the fact that U.S. diplomats in Haiti, Ms. Pamela White and Thomas Adams, in particular, appear to be helping the Haitian Government spread these lies about a so-called progress achieved in the management of the economy and the security environment. Government by propaganda alone is in reality... failed government. During President Martelly's visit to Washington just 2 days before this horrendous crime, both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama congratulated Mr. Martelly on the so-called progress he achieved in curbing insecurity. Why would U.S. diplomats in Haiti cause the President of the United States and his Secretary of State to repeat such blatant lies?

"No abyss can ever deep enough to bury a lie" says a Haitian proverb, because your invented story will come back to haunt you sooner than you think. For foreigners living in Haiti, there is no better and faster way to learn their host country's creole language and culture, than through the often repeated proverbs of the local people. One very successful former U.S. diplomat in Haiti, Mr. Alvin Adams, was affectionately known as "Bourik Chaje," (loaded donkey) because as soon as he landed in the Port-au-Prince airport, he quipped during an impromptu interview conducted in perfect Haitian creole "bourik chaje pa kanpe," (a loaded donkey cannot waste any time to begin walking toward its destination).

Ambassador Alvin Adams knew Haitian Creole thoroughly and made Haitians believe that he cared about them and their country by speaking their language very well, and fondly remembering the happy time he had in Haiti as a child with friends that he could never forget. He also always wrapped up a conversation by backing up his statements with a well picked Haitian proverb that oftentimes startled his listeners who had forgotten or simply didn't know that one. He was that good and, believe it or not, remains to this day the one U.S. diplomat that made Haitians believe they could build a free and democratic society anchored on strong institutions of liberty and the rule of law.

Diplomats of friendly countries, the United States especially, can do much to help Haiti reclaim its failed democratic process. To do so, they must worry less about adding the holding of elections, however fraudulent, to their résumés. They need to have a genuine interest in coaching this land of Haiti toward the liberty for which it was created. They must also understand that liberty without security and prosperity is an illusion. Because we truly want to bring Haiti into the league of free and democratic societies anchored on the rule of law, free and honest elections, and a powerful market economy,, we are asking everyone to, please, stop the lies.

With this sensational murder, just a couple of days after President Martelly's visit to Washington, both the President of the United States and his Secretary of State must be discovering now that they have been lied to and are, perhaps, still being lied to about Haiti. Could corruption be that powerful in Haiti? Well, why not ask a professional, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, for example?

Omega Staff Writers
February 9, 2014

Source Omega World News: A blatant political murder in Haiti, only days after President Obama meets with Haitian President Michel Martelly

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