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HLLN strongly denounces the disputed Parliament and this masquerade of a provisional president

mildrede aristide maryse narcisse ambassadrice francaise ambassadeur dominicain

A pictures is worth a thousand words. This photo shows the French Ambassador to Haiti, Elisabeth Beton Delègue, Lavalas candidate Maryse Narcisse, Mildred Trouillot Aristide and Dominican Ambassador Ruben Silie Valdez at the Senator Privert installation as provisional president. (See, Haiti chooses interim president.)

This endorsement of the masquerade of a Parliament is shocking. It will lead to more political suicide and gridlock. One cannot have a fresh start with a disputed Parliament, illegally installed. It nullifies the honorable fresh start Haitians worked so hard to give Haiti. There is no legal or even moral authority for such a Parliament or provisional president. The Legislature does not choose the executive under Haiti's Constitution.

Moreover the Feb 6 accord was signed before there was a national assembly. And even if it wasn't, the national assembly violates the law and the spirit of revolt against the 2015 sham elections.

Not happening!

The Martelly February 6th coup detat is unacceptable no matter who tries to legitimize this tainted process. Senator Jocerlerme Privert's convocation of the National Assembly under the conditions of illegality --many of the members were fraudulently certified by the corrupt Opont -- is a betrayal of the people's honorable struggle for an authentic Haiti governance.

This b.s. of "play acting democracy" has no integrity and neither do the Haiti and foreign politicians endorsing it with their presence.

Free Haiti denounces the disputed Parliament and this masquerade of a provisional president and any "election" they may preside over in 2016.

The capricious efforts by the CORE GROUP-MARTELLY and a few shortsighted, power-hungry politicians maneuvering to make the Aug 9th and Oct 25, 2015 electoral fraud COUNT is simply criminal.

The Ezili Network and Free Haiti denounces as null and void, any purported "State action," to bind the people of Haiti through a disputed Parliament and any and all resolutions taken by this tainted Parliament in alliance with the Martelly-Evans Paul regime to legitimize the Clinton amendments to the Constitution, the Martelly's decrees and Executive Orders (arrete).

We who fought alongside the people for change expected change. Not the future to look like the past.

Honesty won't come out of dishonesty. The fruit of a rotten tree is rotten.

Where's the fire? Why hurry to put a new Haiti government up on barely three legs?

The 2016 electoral concerns of the United States to avoid Hillary Clinton and the Democrats facing awkward questions of vote adjustment and neocolonial electoral corruption in Haiti while campaigning for votes in the US is not our priority. Haiti deserves leadership that begins in integrity. Period.

Èzili Dantò, Free Haiti/HLLN,
February 14, 2016