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OMEGA’S Chairman: We Must and Will Support Freedom Of The Press and Individual liberties in Haiti


Miami, FL. – April 12, 2014 (ΩWN) — A strongly worded warning issued only days ago by Haiti's CONATEL – the government agency that assigns radio frequencies and television channels, and also regulates the privately-owned commercial media – is now fueling a country wide rebellion against the new tyranny that is nearly fully established by President Michel Martelly and the autocratic government of the nation's Prime Minister, Mr. Laurent Lamothe.

It has often been alleged that Mr. Lamothe arrived at his current position with lots of baggage from widely reported shabby telecom business dealings in several countries on the African continent. Many observers believe that Mr. Lamothe's alleged reputation should have been known to President Martelly who appointed him, and to members of Haiti's legislative body who also gave him a vote of confidence.

In its strong warning aimed at the few remaining media who still refuse to practice self-censorship, Mr. Lamothe's lackluster government is threatening to use unconstitutional or otherwise illegal state powers to punish independent radio and TV stations owners, reporters and employees with defamation lawsuits, prison terms, revocation of operator's permits if they name those who are robbing their country blind, and expose the misdeeds of public officials involved in corruption, human rights abuses, drug trafficking, criminal gang affiliation, and kidnappings for ransom in Haiti.

Justifiably so, the free press and the general public are increasingly concerned about credible threats the CEO and the entire personnel of Radio Tele Zenith, a popular radio station with a large and passionate following throughout the entire nation. Fans are mounting vigils to protect the radio and its staff members like Mr. Lucko Désir, Mr. Henry Guerrier and Mr. Muraille Jericho, whose radio shows are particularly hot and informative. is proud to join the growing network of Haitian and international media and political personalities who support Radio Tele Zenith, free speech, freedom of expression, and a free press that can inform and encourage the general public to participate in Haiti's affairs, without incurring the wrath of dictators who are always afraid of the truth. "No representative system of democratic government anchored on the rule of law, can emerge and take hold in any country, without a free press," says omega world news' chairman, prof. Parnell Duverger, an economist and professor of economics who is thoroughly familiar with Haiti's economic, social and political problems.

When questioned about what many critics see as an apparent lack of response from the U.S. embassy in Haiti against the blatant establishment of a new totalitarian government that has occurred on their watch, given the huge financial support extended to Haiti by American taxpayers during the last few years for the development of a functioning democracy anchored on individual freedoms and the rule of law, prof. Duverger stated his belief that: "America is a force for good in the world, and this can be seen in the behavior and achievements of not only U.S. diplomats, but also in the way the brave servicemen and women in the various uniforms of the U.S. military carry out their mission, throughout the world. More often than otherwise, quiet diplomacy is more effective than public statements made in the glaring lights of the news media, and there is a great likelihood that freedom of the press is among the broad issues on which the United States, the "core group" and "MINUSTAH" actively cooperate to help Haiti becomes a better country for the good of its own citizens." I am sure, says Prof. Duverger, "that Ambassador Pamela White, who has extensive knowledge of and established friendships in Haiti, is an excellent judge of when and how to use public diplomacy in lieu of a quiet but potentially more effective approach." At any rate, it is up to Haitians to fight to transform their nation into a free society supported by strong institutions of liberty. A free press is one such institution.

In a meeting with CEO Joel Deeb and our staff in our newsroom, it has been decided that at , our policy is to defend freedom of the press everywhere on our planet, and in Haiti particularly where we hold a comparative advantage in reporting the news. In Haiti, journalists and other members of the media face death daily, as well as the brutality of a state that is notorious for the physical and mental abuses of its own citizens. Many journalists made the ultimate sacrifice defending our liberties. We can never forget that.

Omegaworldnews will defend the rights of the news media in Haiti to exercise their occupation without fear, intimidation, provocation or abuses from their nation's new crop of dictators. We have seen this movie before, and we know that it ends with a huge victory for the people of Haiti.

Omega Staff Writers
April 12, 2014

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